Thursday, October 16, 2008

Geneva, Fall 2008

I was in New York on Saturday and went for a walk in Central Park. I could not help but to notice that the leaves were beginning to change. All I could think about was getting back in time to catch them at their "peak" with camera in hand. For a photographer timing is of the essence and I did not want to miss this opportunity because I had never been to Central Park in the fall. I began to obsess a little about the timing of my return from my upcoming business trip to Geneva. Was I going to get back in to catch the fall foliage in all its splendor or was I going to miss it?

It is funny how the mind works. Ironically, I was in a park beside Lake Geneva when it hit me. I had been so captured by the prospect of what opportunities I may or may not have in Central Park, that it totally obscured the fact that I was going to be visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Geneva. I had not taken the time to ponder the photographic prospects in Geneva or even prepare for the trip outside of my obligations for work.

Very simply stated, I had totally lost perspective, in a big way. I was concerned about missing the opportunity to take a picture less than an hour from my house, because I was going to be in Switzerland? It was then I realized what had happend. Traveling for work had become just that-work and I had ignored the unique opportunities resulting from the life I have chosen.

When I flew back into New York I looked down at the countryside to see various shades of red, yellow and orange. I guess I have the best of both worlds.

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David said...

Dang, hate that you missed the NY photos because you had to be in Switzerland...bummer!